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Books (4Leaf Clover - The Derrick W. Jackson Library)

(Click to read books in PDF format) - Although my background is Computer Science I have drawn and written most of my life.  I let you read my works for free but Art is not free.  It takes money to keep this site going so please buy my books (Books 2 menu) and keep this site afloat.  Not all of these works are Christian themed works.  Aliases: El Arma Desconocido, Mercurius, John Stable, Reazun, Integrity, Constant Tual, Derrick Tual and I will use any of those aliases.  I am an uncredited / unpaid co-writer of the Matrix, and more.

4Leaf Clover, The Derrick W. Jackson Library

The leaves of the 4 Leaf Clover symbolize, Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck.

Dedicated to my family and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

About 5 of these works were written in the 90's and early 2000's but most were written after 2004-2018 (14 years of work but I have to keep writing and drawing.  With my graphic novels, I'm reaching for Marvel / DC Comics level work)

Note, while these books in this Library are free, they are not Public Domain and can not be added to other art collections or sold without the permission of Derrick W. Jackson.  I want to teach the youth.  I don't want them to make the same mistakes I did.  Read my books and learn how to write and to draw and to work for yourself.  You've got a GIFT USE IT!!!!!

Tips 1. Draw what you like 2. Do not let anyone strip you of your confidence and gifts 3. You've got talent. Use it and work at it everyday 4. Learn from other artists and writers. 5. Practice Practice Practice. True saying: Practice makes perfect 6. Know what you want to do in life and work towards that goal everyday 7. Learn from your mistakes as well as mistakes of others 8. You may go astray but don't dwell on it.  Put your mistakes behind you and keep marching forward.

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Note: PC download

1. Aaliyah Age of Angels - A graphic bio of superstar, Aaliyah

2. Android Journey - A collection of art by Derrick W. Jackson

3. Catch 22  - A collection of Short Stories

4. Constant Tual From A to Z(Self Portrait) - A journal by Derrick W. Jackson book 1.  I need to edit this book.  The Son of Sam law does not apply to my case.  I can make money off my story and even the DA, Danny Porter, said I could write and sell my story.

5. The Way, The Truth, The Light - An illustrated bible stories book covers from Jesus's birth to his Resurrection

6. Definitive - A journal by Derrick W. Jackson book 2

7. Drop The Glove - An MIT Thesis draft 1

8. Is Love War - Story about a Business man who meets the love his life after he gets arrested.  Loosely based on a true story.

9. I-Witness - An illustrated bible stories book covers from Jesus's birth to his Resurrection

10. Rep Issue 1 - A rap magazine

11. The Same Gang - A Christian book about two rival gang members living in the same group home

12. The Xstablishment Nike Contract proposal

13. Thru The Glass - The autobiography of Derrick W. Jackson

14. Time Parser - A time travel book

15. Art Portfolio - December 2018 - An art portfolio 2018

16. The Guiding Principles - A collection of art by Derrick W. Jackson. Pictoral guide form his style of Art called The Feather Arts.

17. Resume - The resume of Derrick W. Jackson

18. Integrity 1  - A graphic Novel about a hero named Integrity book 1

19. Integrity 3 - A graphic Novel about a hero named Integrity book 1

20. Wild Tangent - A collection of Art by Derrick W. Jackson

21. Bruce Wayne / Batman  starring Idris Elba

22. The Theban Legion - Short short story of the 6, 666 christian Theban, Roman legion martyred for Christ

23. The World Leaders Peace Project

24. Queen Elizabeth II - Holy Illustrated Bible

25.  Jesus Warrior King - a bible stories book

26. The Head - Short story about Martin Luther King - Entry Ebony's Gertrude Johnson Short Story Contest

27. How to Beat Microsoft - Outline

28. Round 9 - screenplay Rocky spinoff written at the Publix on Labernum Avenue (White Oaks shopping plaza / mall) 1 sitting about 60 pages

29. In Black and White - My letter to Pope Francis

30. I am the Light of the World -Scripture and The Lord's Prayer in Spanish

31. Computer Geek Nerd Translations- Easy to understand defintion of computer terms/ words

32. Forever the Brotherhood- Scifi story about going back to Earth

33. PSI Agent - A man get's enhanced psychic abilities when a chip is implanted in him

34. The Descendant -  About an Agent drawn to the President and his son

35. Up Yonder - About a young Christian, "saved", teen - Entry Ebony's Gertrude Johnson Short Story Contest

35. I Dream In Kawasaki - Lost Issues - Given to Ichiban restaurant and hotel owners (Valdosta, Georgia)

36. Think Magazine - Tech mag similar to Wired Magazine

37. Art Portfolio 2017-2018

38. The Grammy Awards 2018

39. Quentin Issue 1 - Comic about a young, black Christian kid

40. The Ultimate Art Collection

41.I Will Give You Rest - unfinished bible stories book

I apologize to anyone who is offended by the following 5 books. I wanted my portfolio on my site in case something happens to me.

42. FFG Issue 1 - Integrity

43. FFG Issue 2 - Integrity

44. FFG Issue 3- Integrity

45. FFG Issue 4 - Integrity

46. FFG Issue 5 - Integrity

47. The Weapon Unknown - The Ulitmate Weapon was created

48. Integrity Issue 2 

49. Rep Issue 1 (original)

50. Rep Issue 2 When Times Get Rough

51. Quentin Issue 2 a Christian Comic

52. Quentin - Roll Call

53. Queen Elizabeth Holy Illustrated Bible book 2

54. Quentin Issue 3 - A Christian Comic about a young Black Boy.

55. Van Helsing Issue 1

56. Van Helsing Sanctification - The Return of Van Helsing

57. Quentin Issue 4 - A Christian Comic, children's story about a young Black Christian Boy

58. The Roosevelt Jackson Vinyl Collection

59. Quentin - Mom, Does God Accept Texts? - a children's book about a young, Black, Christian Child. 4 Issues included.

60. The Sheila E Sketchbook

61.  Millicent Navy Seal

62. The Mess Sergeant's son - Pictures of U.S. Presidents starting with George Washington from Wikipedia - Lost

63. The Praetorian - Movie Concept -- Legion 2010 spinoff.. One came to take his life,, the other came to protect it.

64. The Praetorian - Movie Concept 2.. One came to take his life, the other came to protect it

65. The Morris Day Sketchbook - pictures of the funk singer, Morris Day of Purple Rain fame

66. El Arma Desconocido Art Portfolio

67. Why Are You Shot To Death

68. Derrick Tual Images

69. Derrick W. Jackson Art Portfolio 2014

70. Somebody Gotta Beef With His Country

71. The Collision Course

72. Rep Issue 2

73. Art Portfolio 3

74. Faces of The Civil Rights Movement (PDF)- leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement.

75. Faces of The Civil Rights Movement (Video) - People Involved with the Civil Rights Movement

76. Queen Elizabeth II Holy Illustrated Bible Original Draft 

77. Jesus Christ The Messiah - Bible verses in Matthew from Jesus's Birth to Resurrection

78. The Derrick W. Jackson Art Portfolio 2019 - art by Derrick W. Jackson, creator of the Feather Arts, a Kick butt Action Star Style.

79. The 1Xtra Sketchbook -  Illustrations of all the DJ's / radio personalities for the Superhot UK radio station, 1Xtra.

80. The 1Xtra Coloring Book - view, print, and color The 1Xtra Coloring Book.

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My Apps

1. Prince Fan 2 App - A Windows app for Prince Fans.  When you click the link you will be taken to my Google Drive where you can download the Windows executable file (.exe).  You will see a screen warning you about the program.  Click on more info and hit run anyway.  If you want to virus scan the exe befoere you run it go to the folder where you downloaded it and right click then select your virus scanner.

Note: PC download

Learn from my mistakes. Take what I am teaching and GO LEGEND.  GO BEYOND WHAT I HAVE REACHED!!!!


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