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Welcome to The Promise Online Baptist Church

Hello, My name is Brother Derrick W. Jackson and I am ecstatic and proud to show you my social media church / Online Church.  While I am a new Minister I am not new to the church and worshipping Jesus Christ.  I'm his human clay that he is molding every day, in other words I'm not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes that I do not want others to repeat.

As the fires burn in California we pray for the victims.  Life shows us all the time that we are not always in control and bad things happen to good people.  A lot of times we scream out, "WHY GOD!!!!"  Several months ago I broke down on Labernum Avenue in Richmond, Virginia screaming, "He plays games with peoples lives!!"  God is not like man and remember he loves you unconditionally. And life does not turn out as we expect it but we know  "his will be done".

With a church on every corner and there's nothing wrong with that but I felt that i wanted to build an online church community.  And…
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Jesus Christ, The Messiah - a flyer

Keep The Faith

Must stay vigilant

I have been slack in making posts to this site.  Guess I was discourage because of the number of views.  I know to keep at it and not worry about views maybe i should brainstorm what I could do to increase the number of views.  Currently I am reading my bible stories book The Way, The Truth, The Light.  Trying to memorize it.

Movie Tuesday: Good Deeds

Working on Quentin Issue 4

Lord, I thank you for a new day to use my art skills.  Despite setbacks in 2018 I am here to start a great new year. Amen,

The Rev. Sylvester Smith, PHD - A New Year's Homily - Good Shepard Baptist Church


Out With The Old by Reverend Sharon Banks

This is the Sermon today at Good Shepard Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia in North Church Hill.

Out With The Old by Rev. Sharon Banks click to listen

Good Shepard Baptist Church Choir Solo - Sweet Little Jesus Boy

What Are You Thankful For by Derrick W. Jackson

Working on Quentin Issue 3 - The Field Trip

I am currently working on Quentin Issue 3 - The Field Trip.  This comic is about a young boy who is a Christian and how he deals with growing up.